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Now you can... with this program, your arsenal of digital marketing tools just got bigger!
Joshua T. Osborne

Josh is a highly successful digital marketer and entrepreneur, whose agency brings in $300-400,000 in recurring revenue every single month. As a long-time business/entrepreneurship coach, he’s helped hundreds of everyday folks start their own agencies and achieve financial freedom.
Sean Kochel

Sean is a professional media buyer (that’s fancy talk for “ads guy”) who manages millions of dollars in monthly ad spend (including about $1 million a year for Josh). Sean usually doesn’t take clients who spend less than $50k a month on ads, but he’s agreed to share his secrets exclusively with members of this program.
Inside this program, we’re giving you all the skills you need to SCALE virtually any business…

See, if you want to scale a business in the 21st Century, online ads aren’t an option - they’re a requirement.

And if you can’t help your clients get results with online ads, they WILL go somewhere else.

Your clients are counting on you to be a problem-solver. The more problems you can solve, the more they will depend on you. AND the more they will pay you.
I'm Ready To Double My Income In The Next 3 Months!
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Why Mastering Online Ads Is An Almost Guaranteed Path To 6-Figures:
Reason #1
30 MILLION Local Businesses Need Them
You have no idea how many local businesses still rely on super old-school methods to get customers…
Yellow Pages
Newspaper Ads
Even word-of-mouth isn’t what it used to be. It’s easier to Google “Roofer Indianapolis” and click the ad right at the top than it is to ask your friends who they recommend.

Sure, some business owners want to stay small. But for any business that wants to grow, referrals will only do so much.

They NEED ads in order to maximize their customer base and profits.
Reason #2
Fees For Online Ads SCALE Like Crazy!
The logic here is simple:

The better results you get for your clients, the more money you make!

See, your prices are tied to your client’s ad budget.

Here’s a sample pricing table of what you can reasonably charge for ads management:
And it just keeps growing from there! A good ads manager charges 15-20% of ad spend, and that number never needs to get capped.

Here’s the thing about ads management when working with good clients (which we will show you how to land):

They NEVER get complacent.

They always want to grow bigger and bigger.

So if you can help them profitably spend $5,000 a month in ads, then next month they’ll want to spend $6,000.

And $7,000 the month after that.

And so on and so on.

So as you get results for your client, they’ll spend more and more money on ads...and more and more money on YOU!
Reason #3
New Business Opportunities Outside Your Agency
Here’s the thing about online ads:

They’re the fastest way to get any business off the ground...including yours.

Let’s say you join our program, discover the wizard-like powers of online ads - the ability to turn $1 into $2 like magic - and decide you don’t want to spend your time building someone else’s business.

Maybe you want to create your own course, build an online store, or Hell, start an online escort service...we don’t judge.

Well, guess what? You can use your new online ads skills to do just that. You don’t only have to sell ads management as a service...you can use these skills to build your own business too!

Or, if you want, combine your ads and SEO skills and start business partnerships. You take care of all the marketing, let your partner run all the other stuff, and split the profits.

The point is: the more tools you have in your toolbelt, the more opportunities you have.
Reason #4
Online Ads Are The FASTEST Way To Get Results For Clients
We all know SEO is a fantastic long-term play: you put in a lot of work up front, grind it out for a few months, and then you just do the monthly maintenance to keep collecting that mailbox money.

But some business owners don’t have the patience or luxury to wait 3-6 months for results. They need to start bringing in new revenue TODAY.

Normally, you’d have to let these potential clients go. Or you take them on, and they make your life miserable for the next 3 months...calling and texting you every day asking why they don’t have any new customers yet.

And then you let them go anyway, because they’re not worth the headache.

But now, as an online ads master, you’ve got the tools to get them results in record time.

And if you can build up their revenues fast, they’ll naturally want to reinvest some of their new profits with you so you can help them grow even more!

That’s when you hit ‘em with an SEO proposal (we’ll show you how to do this too), double the amount they’re paying you, and keep the badass results coming.

So, not only do you save a sale you’d have lost otherwise, you get a happy client who’s gonna stick with you for a long time...BAM!
Dayum Sean, I Want Some of Dat $$$
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Reason #5
Online Ads Open Up A Whole World Of New Clients
Some clients just don’t need SEO.

There’s a whole world of businesses that run entirely on what’s called direct-response marketing.

That means they run all their marketing in a way where every action, conversion, sale, and dollar is tracked.

These companies can spend thousands (or even millions) a month on online advertising. They don’t worry about websites (they focus on landing pages and funnels) and have no need for SEO.

What they do need are professional media buyers that can handle their big budgets and help them scale their marketing campaigns profitably.

Inside our program, we show you exactly how to do this!

We’ll even show you how to find these clients and blow them away with your knowledge…

Remember, Sean is a professional media buyer who spends millions of dollars a month for his clients across multiple platforms (Facebook/Instagram, Google, YouTube, display networks).

He knows all the tricks of the trade, and he’s gonna show you all of ‘em once you’re on the inside.
Reason #6
Online Ads DOUBLE The Value Of Your Current Clients
Look, this part’s simple...if you’ve got a client paying you $500, $1,000, even $2,000 a month for SEO, and they’re seeing results, it’s a no-brainer for them to turn to you when they need someone to run their online ads.

And when they do, doubling their monthly retainer is a great starting point for pricing.

Here’s another scenario:

How many clients do you have who’ve said “I already tried ads/SEO/hiring an agency, and it never worked”?

Then somehow you come along, magically start getting them results with SEO, and BAM! Now they trust you completely.

So when you go to them and say “Mr. Client, I know you didn’t believe in SEO until I came along and changed your mind. Now, I’d like to change your mind about ads. For the first 3 months, I’m happy to charge the same amount for ads that I do for SEO. Would you be willing to give this a try, and are you able to handle double the customers I’m currently bringing you?”
How is any reasonable client gonna say no to that?
I'm Ready To Double My Income In The Next 3 Months!
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Reason #7
Online Ads And SEO Are A Perfect Match!
So, it should be obvious by now, but just in case, let me make it perfectly clear…

The BEST compliment to your existing SEO skills is mastering online ads management!

Not only does it make you more valuable to clients, it also helps you get short AND long-term results.

It makes you a more complete marketing machine, and trust me when I say, this combo WILL open more doors for you.

Not to mention, it’ll put a lot more money in your pocket, as early as today.

All you have to do is click the button below and apply to join our program.
I'm Ready To Double My Income In The Next 3 Months!
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Why Our Program Is The #1 Choice For Mastering Online Ads
We’ve been building this program for over a year...after spending a combined 15 years perfecting these strategies for our own clients!

We originally wanted to release this in mid-2020, but every time we were ready to open the doors, we realized there was so much more we could offer.

Here’s the thing: we’re not “has-been” experts who found one good Facebook strategy a few years ago and now make a living selling some shitty outdated course.

We’re both agency owners. We still manage our own clients. And in order to get them the best results, we need to constantly be learning, improving, updating our own skill sets and strategies.

And over the last year, we learned A LOT. Managing millions of dollars in ad spend during a pandemic will do that to you.

So, we just kept on updating the program.

Finally, we realized something: there’s no way we could put all our knowledge into this program.


We made it incredibly dynamic!

The only way we were willing to release this program and put both our names on it is if we made the training ongoing.

So that’s what we’re doing...every Thursday, we’re going live in the exclusive member’s Facebook group to show you new discoveries from the world of ad buying.

We’ll be doing live ad critiques, going into your ads manager, and tweaking your ads and campaigns in real time.

Every week, you get new knowledge that builds on what you get inside the actual course. Inside our program, you’ll discover new secrets, rules, and strategies that will blow your clients (and your competition) away!

Keep in mind that most agencies manage less than $50,000 in ads per month. Sean manages MILLIONS! And with that much money to spend, he HAS to perform at a higher level...so he naturally finds ways to keep improving.

Now, as a member of our program, YOU get to tap into HIS genius!
Here's just a tiny sneak peak of what you get when you join:
The “Guaranteed Success Formula” Which Shows You How To Flood Your Clients With New Customers, AND Extract More Money From Them Than Their Existing Customers (Hint: If You Can Bring A Client New Customers That Are More Valuable Than The Ones They Already Have, You WIN. Period.)
Premium “6 Steps To Close” Training, Josh’s Proprietary Prospecting & Sales Blueprint. The 6 Steps Show You How To Have Ads Clients BEGGING To Work With You
The A-To-Z Of Facebook Ads: Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown...Everything You Were Ever Taught About Facebook Ads Is A LIE! We’re Going To Rebuild Your Understanding Of Facebook From The Ground Up, And It’s Going To Make You Unstoppable
 The Auction Model: How To Spend LESS Money On Facebook Ads Than The Competition And Get BETTER Results
 Why Almost All “Conventional Wisdom” Around Facebook Isn’t Just Wrong, It’s The Exact Opposite Of What You Need To Do
 Ad-Based Mind Control: How To Infiltrate The Customer’s Brain And Get Them To Do Whatever You Want
 “The Art Of Ad Copy”: How To Write Ads So Compelling That Prospects Are Basically Throwing Money At You Or Your Client Before They Even Know Who You Are
 How A Kids Fairy Tale Gives You An Unfair Advantage Over Every Other Ad Buyer Out There
 Why Almost Nothing In Local Marketing Works At The National Level, AND Why It’s Usually Easier To Get Results Country-Wide Vs. A Single City
 Everything You Need To Know About Google Ads, And How To Combine Them With Facebook To 10X Your Results!
 Advanced Facebook AND Google Ads Strategies
 How To Scale Up Your Ad Campaigns Without Blowing Up Your Budget Or Getting Your Account Banned 
While this information alone is worth tens of thousands of dollars (because it could easily make you hundreds of thousands once you know it), we wanted to take it one step further.

So in addition to the most value-bomb-filled ads buying program on the internet, we’re also putting you right at the finish line!

We’re giving you the exact tools you need to get an ad campaign and funnel set up and pumping out customers in minutes…

 33 Done-For-You Facebook Ad Funnels For 33 Different Niches -> That Means The Exact Ad Copy, Images, Targeting Settings, And Complete Landing Page. All You Need To Do Is Connect The Dots And Turn It On!
 Niches Include Gyms, Hair Salons, HVAC, Laser Hair Removal, Dentists, Photographers, Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling, Mortgages, Roofing, And DOZENS MORE
 31 Done-For-You Google Ads Funnels...These Are Complete, Fully Uploadable Plug-And-Play Funnels. Just Add Clients!
 Badass Follow-Up Systems - This Is How You Blow Your Competition Out Of The Water And Get Better Results At A Lower Cost Than Anyone Else...Just Implement These Follow-Up Systems And Watch Your Clients’ Eyes Explode Looking At All The Profits You Bring Them
Because we’re also throwing in a whole bunch of bonuses, and adding more every week, including:
 Email Black Magic: Discover Sean’s Top-Secret Outreach System That Turns Complete Strangers Into Hot Prospects Who’ll Bang Down Your Door Until You Agree To Run Their Ads!
 Done-For-You Agency Ads: Hate Cold Outreach? Well, Just Use This System (Which Includes Lead Magnets) To Have Potential Clients Come To YOU! You Won’t Have To Prove Much If Your Ad Brings Them To The Table. At That Point, You Just Tell ‘Em How Much And They’ll Sign The Check!
 Additional Ad Copy: Ads Eventually Go Stale, Which Is Why We’re Updating Our Ad Vault With Additional Copy And Creative For Every Niche! Never Let Your Ads Run Out Of Juice Ever Again
And this list keeps on growing every week!
After every group coaching call, we realize there’s more our students need as they grow their agencies.

So we’re always adding new resources to the program.

We’ve put everything together in one place to make sure you’ve got everything you need to succeed.

All you have to do is say yes.

So if you’re ready, just hit the button below, book your call, and get ready for a 6-figure agency that will change your life forever!

See you soon,
Joshua T. Osborne & Sean Kochel
Founders, Social Ad Tribe
I'm Ready To Double My Income In The Next 3 Months!
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P.S. Still on the fence? Check out even more testimonials and success stories below
"It’s the bee’s knees! I have added almost $32k to my annual income with the tips and tricks that Sean has laid out. P.S.- I don’t even like doing ads, but they are a necessary evil for clients and our own businesses."
Demetrius Spates, Agency Owner
A sub-headline offers the reader another reason to dive into the main copy.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
A sub-headline offers the reader another reason to dive into the main copy.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
A sub-headline offers the reader another reason to dive into the main copy.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
A sub-headline offers the reader another reason to dive into the main copy.
They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
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